DAWN Dashboard


Welcome to HEM Data's example Dashboard website. Below are examples of various ways HEM Data is analyzing and displaying customers' data using tables and graphics.

HEM Data is willing to customize a dashboard website to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss your application. Click here for a list of website dashboard features.

Fuel Economy Electric Vehicle Performance Duty Cycle Analysis
Fleets Create Alerts GPS
Logger Status Faults Alert Display

An HEM Data custom website dashboard offers the following features for you to choose from:

(0) Receive file uploads from the data logger.

(1) Automatically convert the messages to scaled, engineering parameters.

(2) Store the data in a database for fast access and analysis. A secure data warehouse.

(3) Confirm data validity as the data comes to the dashboard. Send an early warning if data is invalid, not logged properly, or stops arriving at the server (logger removed or malfunctioned).

(4) Query the database to find the results of interest.

(5) Display the results as a dashboard using a variety of formats such as histograms, Y-T and X-Y plots, meters, maps, indicators and tables.

(6) Send alerts as a text message or email when user-defined conditions occur. Sample alerts include: unacceptable driver behavior (excessive speed, deceleration, idle time, etc.), geofencing (in or outside a designated area), operating parameters out of range, trouble codes, and fuel theft.

(7) Download files automatically or manually from the website to a local PC for further analysis.